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Ubuntu not usable anymore?

October 31st, 2012 No comments

Seems so. From wikipedia:

Version 12.10 also requires users to agree to allow Ubuntu’s parent company Canonical to collect user search data and IP addresses and to disclose this information to third parties including Facebook, Twitter, BBC and Amazon, drawing criticism from privacy advocates[119]. According to the Free Software Foundation, the “adware” introduced in version 12.10 violates users’ privacy and “is one of the rare occasions in which a free software developer persists in keeping a malicious feature in its version of a program.”[120] Citing concerns about data leaks, The Electronic Frontier Foundation has outlined a number of requested improvements for future versions, asking Ubuntu developers to “make sure that you respect your users’ privacy and security.”[121] Responding to criticism of the earlier beta version, in relation to privacy complaints, Shuttleworth said “Your anonymity is preserved because we handle the query on your behalf. Don’t trust us? Erm, we have root. You do trust us with your data already.”[117]

That sounds awful. I mean, that’s the cause why I use free software, because the have usually no indent so sell you. Well, guys, now is the question: what next? Back to Gentoo? Sure not :-/

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