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ResearchGate – Science Networking

March 4th, 2012 5 comments

Several days ago, I hit on a link to a social network made for (and from) scientists within a Blog post. “ResearchGate is an online information society service” (Terms and Conditions of ResearchGate). The key features I found at the moment are: “What’s new in publications”, a service showing actual publications hitting tags you can enter in your personal profile; and the ability to follow and easily communicate with other researchers. It sounded interesting enough for me to have a further look.

Currently 262 Scientists of the TU Dresden are registered, more than I expected. Registration is easy and the only information one has to store is name, email, and password; everything else can be skipped. At least some information to your interests and research are useful to gain benefit from the service 😉 It was the first time I really read through Terms and Licenses of a website and found some nice phrases I want to share. Well, everyone should read it on it’s own…

  • The Provider [ResearchGate] neither previews nor automatically reviews such [stored] information (Terms and Conditions).
  • Users must not publish, share, sell or make available information that is provided within the Service by the Provider or by other Users to/with any third party (Terms and Conditions).
  • Unlike some other Web services, ResearchGate will definitely not store any personal data of former users (Private Policy). LOL
  • Will ResearchGate sell personal data to any third parties? – No. ResearchGate will not sell or otherwise share personal data (Private Policy).

First Impression: Great! Meet you there 😉