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Detour over Seattle

May 22nd, 2011 3 comments

Someone (not me) had a lot of fun with the customs in Anchorage, so I’m now in Kurt Cobain’s city 😀 instead of Frankfurt or at home. But who cares, and I can use the time to post a video for your which fits this situation:

So Anchorage, Alaska, was great. I have meet a lot of interesting people on the IPDPS conference, mainly the important guys of the HPC community, and also some nice people from Anchorage and Seattle. I will post some pictures about the amazing nature in Alaska, when I’m back in Germany.

Ok, my 2-week-business-trip around the world is finished. Moscow is really a nice place and is worth a visit, but your are nearly fucked up with English 🙁 and most of the important signs in Moscow are only written in Cyrillic. I hope it’s better in Germany, but I’m afraid that the same percentage of the German population can’t speak English.

And now I proudly present … the promised panorama pictures …

Beluga Point, a whale viewing point in the south of Anchorage

Sleeping Lady (mountain on the left) and harbor of Anchorage photographed on the roof of the Snow Goose bar

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Red Square and Kremlin in Moscow

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