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The good old days

November 3rd, 2011 5 comments

I do not want to brag about the good old days but I think the video is right in so many ways that Id’ like to share it with you. I used to be a/the “common” quake III arena player – and can’t remember having played something which came even close to this experience since then. There was this magic moment after 2h of straight Q3A playing when you suddenly could sense the other players movement in advance. There’s an inherent joy to firing a rocket along an empty corridor and have you opponent run right into it – ahhh yes – the simple things in life . . .

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source code comments update

April 26th, 2009 1 comment

One of the posts in yesterdays article (source-code-comments) was about a function used in the Quake3 sources. I fiddled around with it to understand what it does and am amazed of the compute power of this little snippet:

#define _GNU_SOURCE
#include <assert .h>
#include <stdio .h>
#include <stdlib .h>
#include <math .h>
float Q_rsqrt( float number )
  long i;
  float x2, y;
  const float threehalfs = 1.5F;
  x2 = number * 0.5F;
  y  = number;
  i  = * ( long * ) &y;  /* evil floating point bit level hacking */
  i  = 0x5f3759df - ( i >> 1 ); /* what the fuck? */
  y  = * ( float * ) &i;
  y  = y * ( threehalfs - ( x2 * y * y ) ); /* 1st iteration */
  /* y  = y * ( threehalfs - ( x2 * y * y ) ); // 2nd iteration, this can be removed */
  #ifndef Q3_VM
  #ifdef __linux__
    assert( !isnan(y) ); /* bk010122 - FPE? */
  return y;
main (int argc, char *argv[])
    char * line = NULL;
    size_t len = 0;
    float input=42.23;
    printf("type in a float e.g: 42.23\nvalue: ");
    getline(&line, &len, stdin);
    input = strtof(line, (char **) NULL);
    printf ("reverse square root of %.6f is %.6f \n", input, Q_rsqrt(input));
    if (line) free(line);
    return 0;
 gcc -ansi -pedantic -Wall -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=600 Q3_inv_sqrt.c -o Q3rsqrt

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