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Colorfull man pages

July 8th, 2011 7 comments

Ubuntu server installation provides colored man pages – nifty 😉
This is what has to be done to get it working in a X session terminal:

sudo aptitude install most
sudo update-alternatives --config pager

Choose “most” from the list and test it with a man pagge “man test”.

Have fun . . .

[update] As always, bert nows more 😉 :
I have found a major and a minor flaw in using most as the man pager:

Major: I use the -X option for less (by putting them into the LESS env variable [1]). This does not clear the terminal on exit of less. Thus, you see the last viewed page of the manual. This is particular helpful when looking-up a command line option, so I can copy’n’paste the option to the command line after quitting less. I can’t find a similar option for most.

Minor: less shows the name of the manual page in the bottom prompt, while most just shows ‘*stdin*’.

Footnote [1]: For the curious reader, this is the content of my $LESS: -MSiRXF. Feel free to look them up in the manual.

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