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Lego collectible minifigs (2)

January 7th, 2011 1 comment

So here it is, series 3 has landed in Dresden (Karstadt), other sales markets will get their deliveries soon.
And nope, no bar code anywhere, but little bumps (dots which poke out) and some wells (dots poking out to the other side) on the back of the package.
And unfortunately, the dot-pattern differs from the one they seem to use in the United States 🙁
Here are the patterns for the figures I bought today. White circle means out-poking dots and wells are black.
Update: I’ve been in another store yesterday and it seems, that the direction of the bump might vary. So you should only look for their location.

Samurai:Lego Samurai dot-pattern
Mummy: Lego Mummy dot-pattern
Gorilla suit: Lego Gorilla dot-pattern
Elf: Lego Elf dot-pattern
(No warranty that the dot-pattern is valid elsewhere)

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LEGO collectable minifigs.

October 20th, 2010 No comments

If you like LEGO (which most Nerds do – depending on their age), you might have noticed, that they sell collectable minfigures nowadays.
These minifigures are sold like trading card boosters in a sealed pack. So if you want to have all figures of a series you either have to buy loads of packs or try to find the right packs with wasting much time standing in a toy shop using your dexterity to identify the content of one pack.
Thanks to the people at, now there’s another option, just compare the identifier barcode (not the EAN bar code) with the barcode provided by their sheets.
Series 1
Series 2
Good “luck” finding your minifig!
PS: There’s also an app for iPhone and Android.

Update: Series 3 (available Jan. ’11) and 4 won’t have a bar code. :'(

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