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Latexila: Latexmk -synctex=1 bad option

October 30th, 2013 3 comments

Hey there!
Some of you maybe also use Latexila to create their Latex documents. In the current version the predefined build commands fail with an error message

Latexmk: -synctex=1 bad option

I’m not sure if this is a mistake in the defined commands in Latexila or the options of Latexmk have changed. But anyway, the proper way to work around is to remove the synctex argument from the build commands within the GUI. Unfortunately, on my system (Debian Jessie – Latexila 2.8.3) the frontend immediately forgets about the changes.

Fortunately, we run an open system so one can modify the XML file which defines these commands. It’s location is:


We will see if this survives the next system update, cheers! 😉

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