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Disappearing menu in Netbeans aka Java GUI issue

March 15th, 2014 2 comments

The actual Netbeans 7.4 is showing some really annoying behaviour. In fullscreen mode, menus disappear on releasing the mouse button and/or selections seem to have an offset to the mouse position. Due to several threads in the Internet, this problem is caused by the JDK, is independent from the software (Netbeans in my case) and the JDK version, and exists for several years now. A miscalculation of the mouse position after window resizing (or something related) seems to be responsible.

Workaround (Works with Netbeans, have no idea if too with other applications):

  • Netbeans should start in non-fullscreen mode by default
  • Move the window to the upper left corner of your screen (probably your window manager will have some snap-on functionality there)
  • Now maximize the window

This seams to work for oracle- and openJDK v7 and Debian/Gnome3 and according to the Web for several other Linux distributions and desktop environments.

Please insert excessive Java rant here.

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