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WinXP Epic Fail or how a penguin made my day

June 12th, 2011 No comments

Well, all work and no fun make Jack a dull boy. That’s why at my PC at home, there’s a Windows XP installed besides my usual Linux installation. With it I do the in my opinion only thing Windows is better in than Linux, gaming. One can have other opinions, but for now that’s not the point.

In my experience a Windows system needs just a little bit of time to get slower and slower and start behaving crazy which leads to getting unusable and to a reinstallation. I had to say I was a little bit proud of this special installation, because I had no real difficulties within the last 6 month. Maybe it is because I just installed a Firewall, a Software to detect viruses and the single game I usually play … or it just waited until I was unsuspecting. But today it greets me with a nice black screen and the following white letters on it:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

Please re-install a copy of the above file.

Ok I do not exactly know what this file does (Managing Hardware access if I have to guess), but I’m sure I never touched her, seriously!

After th obligatory reboot a little bit of panic, anger and sadness followed. In the next second I started searching the web for a solution, or to get a copy of this hal.dll file. I read a bit in crappy forums and decided to find a file download with the dull feeling in my mind, that it can’t be a good idea to get a system-essential file from a source I don’t trust. In this moment a little penguin in my mind whispered “wine”… First I was confused, I more like beer but then I understand – WINE!

Excited typing began, for the hunt of hal.dll in my wine source directory. I smiled when I found it at the expected position. “Too easy to work!”, I thought… Next I mounted my NTFS partition and copied the file to where it whould be if my stupid Win*** didn’t lost it. Unmount, Reboot and crosses fingers followed. And what should I say? SUCCESS!

At the end I need to say, it is a nice job for (not) an emulator to fix the stuff it (not) emulates! 😉

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