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Todo.txt – Organizing Tasks nicely

October 6th, 2013 No comments

Everybody should know this feeling: lots of things to do…much more than a human can keep in mind…what the hell should I do?.
Obviously, we need some help to memorize and organize our activities. Since it can be a confusing path full of failure and religious discussions about pros and cons, I won’t talk about best practice or Getting Things Done; this is a personalized pilgrimage. Instead I will tell you about a nice little thing I came across while I tidied out my Gnome3 Extensions – Todo.txt.

It is a platform-independent, portable, plain-text approach to store tasks. Basically, there are two files on your computer’s or smartphone’s storage, a todo.txt and a done.txt, which are readable plain text files to keep open and closed activities. These files can be edited via an App, any editor, a command line interface, or as in my case a Gnome Extension. You can give your tasks personalized priorities, timestamps, related projects and locations as additional information to group and organize them as you need it.

Personally, I like the idea and the approach. The Gnome Extension looks good to me so far, because there’s a shortcut to open it and you can navigate and control it via your keyboard…and has fancy colors for priorities 😉 I will test it also on my Android phone and if it is as portable as it seems to me, I finally found a supplement to my old-school time planer notebook (yeah it’s made from paper!).

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