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First Experiences with Gnome 3

December 16th, 2011 1 comment

Yesterday, I decided to kick my Ubuntu LTS from my Thinkpad T500 and give Debian with Gnome 3 a chance. I tried Ubuntu with Unity in spring and was shocked. Besides all the little Bugs which are excusable I don’t like the way it feels. With the next LTS, I probably will give it a second chance because I like Ubuntu.

But what’s about Gnome 3? Really deep changes were made. GTK, that is used, was raised to the next major version and fundamental changes took place in the control concept. These are just two reasons why development is still in a kind of beta status. I think Debian is a better platform for Gnome 3 at the moment than Ubuntu, because Ubuntu comes with several pre-configurations and pre-installations which might mess up working with software not adapted to it. Usually the Debian guys don’t take it too seriously with their release cycles and prefer stability to actuality.

Debian testing “wheezy” ( dist-upgrade from stable )
Gnome 3.0+6

Installation and configuration went way less direly than expected. All looks new, nice, and fancy and performs very good at first sight. Most of the new features make sense to me and the period of settling in was just a few hours. I don’t understand why they have “loan” so much look and feel from Apples’ MacOS, which they “loan” from others, but if it makes someone happy I’m too.

Things I like:

  • All hardware works out of the box – THX Debian 😉
  • It seams all functionality approached a few clicks
  • The new management of multiple Desktops
  • Arrangement of (sub)menus and icons
  • Window fit-in by dragging it to the edges of the screen
  • The new calendar
  • General behaviour and usage of modifier keys
  • Stability (no crashes to that point)
  • Performance
Things I don’t like (Bugs):

  • Even more settings are hidden from the user than in Gnome 2 – common guys do you really think we’re all stupid morons ?!? – Session saving and properties only reachable through console(WTF?); Window themes/styles not changaeble (or didn’t find it by now) to have minimize and maximize buttons back…
  • Fast command execution via Alt+F2 doesn’t find any applications – use gnome-do
  • All my applets are gone ;( – heard the will reappear later
  • No automount of USB-Devices because the system thinks the are CDs…should be an Debian issue…
  • I wanted to make a fancy screenshot for you but “Execution of ‘gnome-screenshot’ failed: Command not found” appeared when in “overview mode”
My opinion is, if Gnome 3 matured a bit more and the next stable Debian will have it included, It could be most peoples desktop environment of choice.

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