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Creative destruction

February 16th, 2012 6 comments

There are days when I just hate society, capitalism, …, and sometimes I have a bad day 😀
Today is one of the latter once.

The mission was to stop facebook from tracking me. The solution I found after a while is a nice firefox add-on, called Facebook Disconnect. I hope this extension does its job. Additionally, I disabled third-party cookies. (The “don’t track me” option in FF was already enabled.) For the record, there is also a large list of URLs of facebook available, which nerds might use to update their hosts file with nice data. And the c’t magazine published a FAQ for privacy setting for and around facebook.

Because that was so much fun, I added the following two extensions Google Disconnect and Twitter Disconnect, too. BTW: all three extensions are written by a start-up founded by an ex-google employee and should be available for chrome and safari, too.

So, I wish all of you happy browsing without some of the global spies behind your backs.

My next project will be to find out, whether it’s illegal to tape “security”-camaras, or not. I have already a few targets, e.g. in front of my apartment, in the office kitchen, subway (the fast food), german buses, streets, … These black hemispheres are contaminating my privacy.

german-bash ade

April 27th, 2010 5 comments

Nun ist die Zeit gekommen aus den Favouriten zu löschen. Nach der nachlassenden Anzahl witziger Beiträge wurde jetzt auch noch dieser “retweet” (was das auch immer bedeuten soll) und “i like”-facebook Schwachsinn übernommen. Dieser Mist führt dazu, dass mein FF 10 sec braucht um eine 150kb html-Seite zu laden, einfach inakzeptabel und überflüssig.

PS: Twitterleser und Facebookfreundesammler, ihr dürft jetzt gern auf mich “einschlagen”, ich werde euch auch angemessen ignorieren 😉

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