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displayport to hdmi adapter – a user experience

March 14th, 2010 1 comment

wow – took only 10+ hours to get it working . . .

I use a t500 lenovo laptop which features a displayport connector. My screen at home is a SyncMaster T260HD. As my personal computer is connected via vga and dvi and as the Wii uses both the scart and the YPbPr-component connectors, only the 2 hdmi remain. So I bought a displayport-2-hdmi adaptor for like 14 EUR  on amazon. I booted linux – nothing to be found, xrandr tells me that DFP1 and DFP_EXTTMDS are disconnected. I reboot into Windows 7 – there the scren switches to full 1920×1200 over hdmi. Then i reboot again. This time even the bios screen and grub are mirrored to the hdmi-port. I boot inti Ubuntu 9.10 and the screen is found – wrong resolution but at least its there. I reconfigure and have to log out for the settings to take effekt. Everything goes black and would stay so for the next 3-4h. Not even the internal LCD works anymore. As its now saturday night (Travolta 4 the win) i refrain from turning this into an all night session and head out for some wine. But I do disconnect all cables and take out the battery. Sunday morning at least the internal lcd works again and i even get a picture from the vga and dvi port from the docking station after booting into Windows 7 and updating the graphics card driver. Out of ideas I open the plastic housing of the dp-hdmi adaptor. As there is some ectronic to be seen there it dawns to me this adapter may not be that passive after all. A short visit to reveals that there has to be some support in the graphics-card as hdmi and displayport are not compatible out if the box and the adapter has to signal the graphics card to send hdmi instead of pure displayport. looking at hardware of the connector closer reveals that it is badly solder at two points that could lead to a short circuit – at least for my inexperienced eyes. I simply rearrange the layout of the cables, close the plastic casing and have working hdmi in linux and windows since then.

So the tag line of this post is – never give up – even if its such a tiny little adapter cable thats trying to bug you 😉

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