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Breaking News: Judge in Pirate Bay Trial apparently Member of several Copyright Lobby Organizations

April 23rd, 2009 No comments

Peter Sunde from the Pirate Bay just pointed out that their judge in the all-famous Pirate Bay Process might have been biased. There is a story (english translation) from swedish radio station SR claiming the judge to be member of the following organizations:

  • Swedish Association of copyright (SFU), other members of this organization include Henrik Pontén, Peter Danowsky and Monique Wadsted, who just happen to be lawyers representing the content industry
  • Swedish Association for Industrial Property (SFIR) (he is even a board member here)
  • He has an extra job at Stiftelsen. SE, where he works together with … Monique Wadsted

This actually does not surprise me much. Having followed the trial very closely the verdict seemed a little bit harsh taken into account that no real evidence was provided.

Story in English []

Update 2:

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