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Flash! ah-ahh!

October 31st, 2012 No comments

… no, sorry, i mean the other (evil) flash, with its browser cookies. A few days ago, I tried to enhance my privacy and ended up changing the settings for adobe flash. Especially I deselected the following:

Allow third-party flash content to store data on your computer

Sadly, after having a bit more privacy, I encountered, that some of the flash movies didn’t work anymore. So, rollback and searching a better solution.

Here it is: BetterPrivacy ! It’s a small add-on for Firefox to delete/control flash cookies and other nasty stuff. (I hope, that similar add-ons exist for Chrome or Safari, but I’m not sure.) The best thing about BetterPrivacy is that you can either choose to delete cookies, when the browser is closed, or delete them in a timed fashion, like every hour. The latter one was important for me, since I almost never close my browser.