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Eve Online on Linux

October 1st, 2013 3 comments

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….there was a native Linux client for Eve Online. Someday, some bloody Sith decided to cancel further development. Since then, only a Windows client was officially available. If you were a hardcore nerd, you tried Wine to get things up and running. The result was depending on the versions of Wine and Eve itself.

I gave up using this setup years ago and walk through the dark and muddy paths of Windows to play my favorite game. Several time ago, a MAC client was introduced which basically is a WineX/Cedega shipped with Eve and I got hope CCP would start supporting such an approach in a way Linux would benefit from it too. Nothing like that happened so far…which makes me sad…

But today things changed a bit, because I got it Eve up and running again with Wine on an Intel HD 4600 grafics adapter. I will describe nearly all I’ve done, also stuff that didn’t work because Wine seams to behave a little randomly 😉 Here’s my setup:

  • Intel HD 4600
  • Debian GNU Linux Jessie (testing) with 3.10-3-amd64 kernel
  • Wine 1.4.1

My first approach was to build wine for 64-bit architectures from source, by adding –enable-win64 to the configure variables in the wineinstall script. But this didn’t work with the 32-bit binary of the Eve installer. So I’ve tried building a 32-bit Wine from source. Unfortunately, therefore you need several 32-bit libraries and their sources. They can be made available by adding i368 architecture support to system, which I describe next because it is needed anyway. The config.log file which is written during the configure process when you execute the wineinstall script (see Wine README for description) will give you hints about the missing libs.

To shorten this: I couldn’t get Eve working with this new version of Wine, which potentially does not mean it won’t since it is marked with Gold Status on the Wine website. Well I lost a little faith here so I removed all I had done so far and started from skretch with the Wine included in the APT packet pool. After a

sudo aptitude install wine

and executing it, you will be told that this isn’t a real wine installation because it currently is not natively available for 64-bit architectures. So you have to do a:

sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386
sudo aptitude install wine:i386

It is also necessary to get winetricks via:

chmod +x winetricks

When all this is done you need to start winetricks and install the following components (individually and ordered is prefered!)

  • corefonts
  • vcrun2005 (MS VC++ 2005 / MFC libs)
  • vcrun2008 (MS VC++ 2008 / MFC libs)
  • vcrun2010 (MS VC++ 2010 / MFC libs)
  • d3dx9_43 or newer d3dx9_36 also works if having trouble (DirectX 9)

I’m not sure if all the VC++ stuff is needed or just the actual one. But two things are very important here!

  1. DirectX has to be installed after VC++ libs ! I don’t know what the problem is, but doing DirecX first raises errors on vcrun installation and breaks things.
  2. After installing all this you need to change the order in which Wine uses the libs of MVC++ 2010. This does all the magic I needed to start Eve. Therefore start winecfg, navigate to the libraries tab, and set the state of the msvcr100 entry to (builtin,native) via the Edit button.

Now you can begin to install Eve Online. There are some minor bugs with missing text etc. But all works for me. The performance is a little bit poor but I think with a proper grafics card all is fine. There are also some D3D tweaks known to improve performance by adding them to the wine config. I haven’t tested this yet but I’m quite sure performance in general is getting better in the future.

Have fun and fly dangerously!

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This is War

July 2nd, 2011 No comments
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EVE Link Aggregator

September 30th, 2009 No comments

EVE-Online – offizielle EVE Online Website
EVE-Offline – Status der EVE Server (online/offline and #player)

Agents Database – finde und vergleiche NPC Agenten
Item Database
EVE Jump Map – welche Systeme sind in n Jumps von System X entfernt
EVE Development – API – Erklärung der API um Daten von den EVE Servern auszulesen (z.B. Characterinfo)

official EVE Wiki
engl. EVE Wiki
dt. EVE Wiki

Division vs. Mission Types – prozentuale Anteile Kill/Courier/Mining/Trade für Agententypen
EVE-Central: Market Aggregator and Trade Finder – Marktdaten um lohnenwerte Trade-Routen zu finden (basiert auf Spieler-Exports der Marktdaten von Items)
EVEMon – SkillPlan Tool

BattleClinic’s New Player Guide

Trading Guide
Level 1 Epic Mission Arc – Aufgabe, Tips und Gegner in den einzelnen Missionen

Game Time Codes – BattleClinic Shop

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EVE online: Know your enemy

September 28th, 2009 No comments

Da es ja neuerdings eine EVE section auf nrtm gibt, leg ich gleich mal los mit nem nützlichen Hinweis. Oft gibt es ja Probleme damit seinen Gegner zu treffen bzw. man richtet nicht sonderlich viel Schaden an. Im EVE-Wiki findet sich ein sehr hilfreicher Artikel dazu. U.a. findet man dort auch eine Tabelle mit den Schadensarten die eine Fraction zufügt bzw. für die sie anfällig ist.

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