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Error during auto-mount of removable disks on Debian

September 20th, 2012 1 comment

My laptop is running Debian sid (wheezy) combined with Gnome3. Usually, when I plug in my removable disk, it is mounted automatically and a pop-up appears to optionally open it with Nautilus or unmount it (Yes Gnome, I know what I did and I wish you wouldn’t need my attention). Some time ago, my disk couldn’t been auto-mounted but an error was displayed instead showing that this isn’t iso9660 file system. Right you are, this is no laser-disk, but an ext2-FS! Therefore, I was forced to mount it by hand, which was and is some kind of annoying.

I found the problem in my /etc/fstab caused by an entry (I didn’t made) addressing my removable disk usually pinned to /dev/sdb1. Commenting/removing this entry solved the problem and everything works as expected.

So here’s my question: Why the f*** ??!

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