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syncing to a vfat partition

I had to move my data from an ext3 partition to a existing vfat that already had some data on it. I soon hit the 4 GB wall and also the limitations regarding the naming conventions and allowed characters. More as a note to myself, these are the commands i used the most:

# create 4000MB blocks
split -b 4000m /old/ISO/Big/8GB.iso /new/ISO/8GB.iso.
# tar up the Backup folder and split the resulting tar into 4000MB blocks
tar cf - /old/Backup | split -b 4000m - /new/Backup.tar.
# sync recursively, keep newer files on destination 
rsync --progress --modify-window=1 --update --recursive --times /old/Music /new/

I used the split on (DL)DVD ISO’s. My Backup folder already consisted of large tar.bz2 and as i used my amd-geode router to copy the data i opted for the tar|split option as i dont intend to use this data (I would have to cat everything back together on a different disk to be able to use the backup data). Rsync helped in merging to versions of my music folder into one . . .

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