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compiling from sources

I’ve been hacking around the last 4 days trying to build up a stack of 5 hpc tools all depending on each other each with a special set of features enabled – pure horror. After switching between cutting edge versions and wildly interchanging compiler-suites all with different non-positive outcome I think I’m finally done. Man vs machine 1:0 – gotcha 😉

Here 2 of the more interesting snippets I had to create to get things up an running:

# add missing string.h
echo "#include  string.h" >swap.c
cat ./SRC/SRC/mpo_LogCube3.cc >>swap.c
mv swap.c ./SRC/SRC/mpo_LogCube3.cc
# fix wrong marmotcc (missing scalasca-lib)
sed -e 's/-lcube3/-lcube3 -lsc.z/g' `which marmotcc` >marmotcc
chmod +x marmotcc
mv ./marmotcc `which marmotcc`

I had to use dos2unix as one script had windows coding and so my shell was complaining about not knowing /bin/bash^M and so on. I also wrote a script creating ./configure lines with all possible combinations of a set of flags to test which combination actually works . . .
Sometimes I’d really like those days back were a “cc hello.c -o HelloWorld” was all that was needed.


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