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Tiny Core Linux

I think it was Jens who got me looking into Tiny Core Linux, the actual project of the damn small linux (dsl) founder  Robert Shingledecker. It’s only 10 small megabytes in size, based on kernel 2.6 and has full X support including different window manager ( Busybox, Tiny X, Fltk and Jwm). That thing is running completely in ram and is therefore so freaking fast its almost unbelievable. The additional software comes in packages that are downloaded from the web on demand – just like dsl does it.

I used virtualbox for testing with a 100mb disk for storing session data between reboots. The half minute it took to download the image was just enough to set up virtualbox. Booting took under 5 seconds, then JWM was up and running:

Tiny Core Linux start screen (JWM)

Tiny Core Linux start screen (JWM)

As you can see you have a mac-dock like task bar which is updated on newly installed software, multiple desktops (top-right) and everything else which makes up a good desktop environment. The right-click takes you to the menu where you can configure settings or install additional functionality:

app-installer and right-klick menu

app-installer and right-click menu

The app-manager features everything needed for working with a disk-less client (what in my opinion is the favourite usage of tiny core) and tracks dependencies and everything . . .:

installing an email client

installing an email client

I can imagine half a dozen situations where such a distro can come in handy – maybe even for BenchIT.



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  1. stefan
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    I like the BenchIT-idea

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